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mobile: 917-568-6471


A very long time ago I started out in Music at PolyGram Records, where my original focus was in Print Production, Retouching and Special Format Printing.


From there I learned my passion was for Photography and Art Production. My first stop was in Music at Motown Records with

a brief stay in Magazine Publishing at Time Inc. Custom Publishing. Shortly following, I moved onto Advertising at UniWorld, Bozell, Cheil Communications America, Lowe Worldwide, Deutsch Inc, Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT New York, Gotham, Facebook/Instagram, Johannes Leonard, and Fred Farid. 


Over the years have developed a concentration in global brands with a celebrity focus: Rolex, PUMA, got Milk?, Maybelline, Levi's, and Samsung. Determining the visual identity across all Photography, Illustration, Content, and CGI campaigns.  I produce Content Shoots domestic and abroad; making sure all selected photographer, director, set designer, fashion, hair and makeup stylists are a perfect fit for the brand, the campaign and talent.


I pride myself on seamlessly keeping all projects and people on one accord through a strong emphasis on client rapport and business management, as well as honing my knack for organization and smart problem solving.





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